Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, students and community members

“Education is not only a career building experience but gaining mastery over the mind”

As the Principal of Mount Mary’s H.S.S., I feel blessed to take charge of this esteemed institution which focuses on Holistic Education which is an amalgamation of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual growth where the students will have the opportunity to discover who they are, find their purpose in life and move forward towards achieving the desired outcomes, with hand held support from our team of dedicated teachers, mentors and educators.

We all know the Covid 19 Pandemic will go down into History where we experienced that life is uncertain and we have to be ready to face all challenges that come our way. Who would have imagined a World Lock down? The pandemic has taught us the greatest lesson of making choices; to either live in a space of helplessness or rise up to find solutions, to move forward in life. The pandemic has also brought about hybrid learning that can incorporate the best of the online and the offline mode of learning which is an opportunity to a glorious future. This has made it possible for schools to break the boundaries of time and space.

We believe in upholding high standards in Education, focussing on character and skill building. At Mount Mary’s, we offer them a platform to grow and glow through the various curricular and co-curricular activities. We encourage students to participate with a winning attitude in debates, elocutions, quiz, music & dance both at the State and the National levels. Physical Education is given top priority, as fitness is the route to health & happiness. The students get the opportunity to become champions under the guidance of our teachers and renowned coaches, thus preparing them for a globalised world.

Our philosophy:

  • Every child is unique and precious. We are looking forward to working with your child and we commit to be accountability partners with them.
  • Time and emphatic listening is the greatest gift we give to our students.  Be assured of the best.
  • Respecting people for who they are, builds feelings of Trustworthy safety and well being.
  • We radiate love and fellowship to create a good environment  of learning and  growing to become a better version of  ourselves.
  • We take a Holistic Approach to our students Learning  Process.
  • Spirituality is a foundation stone on which they build a great future.
  • We revolve around the Triangle that is the child teacher and parent partnership to achieve our desired outcomes.
  • Success is predictable; students need a pathway to achieve it.

Come experience quality education and grow 10 x with us. We promise you, the two years stay with us will be inspirational and a life changing experience. We invite you on a journey of self discovery and pursuance of your goals.