Runners Up at Sci-π 2024

On 27th January 2024, St, Joseph Vaz College, Cortalim organised a SCI-π event for science students of all Goa Higher secondary schools.

Students from XI Science of our Higher Secondary Schools participated in the various competitions.

  1. Plat- O – Mania: Miss Wanisha Passanha and Miss Amruta Borkar won First place for Ceramic plate painting
  2. Sudoku Challenge: Miss Clarisa Mendes and Mast Leroy Carvalho won First place for Sudoku game challenge
  3. Model Making: Mast Estevan Mascarenhas and Mast Lesley Fernandes won Second place for Micro-organism model making Competition.
  4. Fitness challenge: Mast Charles Pires, Miss Mazel Travasso, Mast Allan Fernandes, and Mast Suraj Ghadi participated in Fitness challenge.

Overall our higher secondary school begged the Runners up trophy. Mrs. Saanvi Shetkar was the teacher in-charge to train the students for all competitions.  Librarian Sharon accompanied the students for the event.