Management day at Damodar College

VVM’s Shree Damodar College of Commerce and Economics Margoa had organised a state-level event for Higher Secondary Schools on the occasion of  Management Day on 20th February. The event comprised three activities namely; “Reel it to Win it”, Elocution, and “Team it to Win it“.

About six Higher Secondary Schools participated in the event. The event began with Reel it to Win it. Reels of the various institutions were played on the screen. Based on the content, likes, and comments, points were allotted. The event continued with the Elocution competition on the theme ‘Leading with vision empowering for growth‘. The Last Event was “Team it to win it” activity which comprised of three rounds. Mount Mary’s Higher Secondary School successfully passed the two rounds and reached the final round with only two teams qualified. Mount Mary’s HSS with its coordinative teamwork managed to win the final round within the given time.

Mount Mary’s Higher Secondary School won first place in “Reel it to win it” and first place in the “Team it to win it” competition. The students won the winning trophy for overall winning the event.

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