Christmas Activities

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”
                                                                                                     -Helen Steiner Rice

With Christmas carols filling the air, Mount Mary’s Higher Secondary buzzed with festive cheer. Special advent assemblies were held to prepare for Christ’s coming. To unleash the artistic spirit of our students, a dazzling array of Christmas themed competitions were held on 18th December, 2023. Students crafted shimmering stars and Christmas tree ornaments with eco -friendly material, lanterns were transformed into vibrant canvases and discarded bottles blossomed into colourful Christmas scenes, showcasing the boundless creativity of our students. The Principal appreciated the efforts of all the participants. Prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners.

On December 22nd 2023, the management and the staff gathered together to celebrate the arrival of the Christ Child. Having prayed in a special way for our advent friend throughout the advent period, this was the day to get to know who had prayed for us. Laughter filled the room as wishes and specially chosen gifts were exchanged. Light refreshments were served and a spirit of togetherness warmed the atmosphere.